60 Tips From 60 Of the Biggest Social Media Gurus

The Influencer Project

The Influencer Project

Check out this great blog I just found on copyblogger.com. It talks about the recent ‘Influencer Project‘ where 60 influencers each had 60 seconds to talk to a crowd. It sounds like an amazing event and I love reading all the tips from some of the smartest people online.

Here are 3 of the tips:

#6. Robert Scoble. “Follow better people. The better your inbound is, the better your output will be. And your output is what people follow.” -@Scobleizer

#30. Gary Vaynerchuk. “Talk about things you know. The reason Wine Library TV worked was because I knew what I was talking about.” -@GaryVee

#60. Brian Solis. “How do you become a thought leader? It starts with *being* a thought leader and then connecting the dots back to you.” -@BrianSolis

Here’s a link to the full article: http://www.copyblogger.com/increase-influence-online

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